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RANK Tom Lewis Repro/Survey

196?- ?? yrs old
In 569th when: Aug/65-Jan/67

2002- 54 yrs old
From: Mineola, NY
MOS: Platemaker
What you did: Platemaker/Hump Survey Equip
ETS: Jan 1968
Living Now In: Tehachapi, California
Maritial Status: ----
Present Work: Income Tax Preparer (EA)
Birthdate: Sep 20, 1946
Phone: 661.822.4330
Contact Email:

Memorable Vietnam Experiences and Friendships

My number one memory is the boat trip. I have not been on a cruise since. The Breckinridge was built to transport 2500 troops and we had near 5000 aboard. The first guy in line for lunch was always standing behind the last guy in line for breakfast. I remember spending Christmas Eve in a trench when the VC decided since the latrines were the best constructed building's in camp, thay must be important enough to blow up. After my first year I extended for six months and transfered to the Survey Platoon. My must vivid memory there is from the rainy season. While working near Da Nang we drowned a 3/4 ton truck in a rice patty. After draging it out we had to tow it back to Da Nang. The area was flooded with knee deep water over the road way. We had to have a few guys walk out in front watching for the road edge. I was driving the "good" truck and CWO Keefe was riding on the roof like General Patton. Thousands of snakes floating by. While in the Repro Platoo! n, we were able to spend many hours on the beach. One day while soaking up some sun and "33" a skyraider taking off past just over our heads and droped his bombs in the water and crashed. The pilot was able to get out just before the wreck went down. I guess the bombs are still there at the bottom of the bay.

2001: Well, currently its 2002. I'm selfemployed as a income tax preparer.                 

Life after Vietnam: 35 years of living.       

Future Plans:

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