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Francis "Butch" Nestor -- Rest In Peace -- June 9th 1944 - February 27th 2009

SP5 Francis "Butch" Nestor Repro

196?- ?? yrs old, ??? lbs
In 569th when: 5/67 - 5/68

2002- 58 yrs old
From: Thousand Oaks, CA
MOS: Platemaker
What you did: Lithographer
ETS: 5/68
Living Now In: Magalia, CA
Maritial Status: Married
Present Work: Retired
Birthdate: 7/9/44
Phone: 530-873-3337
Contact Email:

2001: We now do as much camping as possible with my wifes family. We were fortunate to find an RV that could be adapted for me to use my Power Chair. Other than camping we don't do a whole lot.                 

Life after Vietnam: First I would have to say raising a family. Feel very fortunate that we made it through without any major problems and drug free. Some College. Moved from Thousand Oaks, CA to Oregon for a few years. Another good experience. Moved from there to San Francisco Bay Area and lived there for 20 years before moving here to Magalia upon retirement. My wife and I enjoy going to Las Vegas. Now we have a reason other than gambling as our daughter and my brother-in-law now lives there. Other places we have been to are Hawaii (which we loved) and New Zealand which is a beautiful country.


Future Plans:

I would like to get involved in the Veterans Advocacy. I would also like to get together with some of the guys in the 569th. I will be seeing John Copeland in Las Vegas.

I would like to know where Robert Aldama is, if anyone knows.  

Editor's Note:

Christine and I spent a very nice couple of hours with Francis (AKA: Butch) and his wonderful wife. Butch has been faced with some very tough health problems, very possibly caused by his exposure to Agent Orange used to defoliate what was to become Camp McDermott. Butch is a tough guy though, and with the help of his wife makes the most of his life. It was very nice to have a chance to meet them both.

OK Butch... so where are all those pictures you promised!? ;-)  

Memorable Vietnam Experiences and Friendships

Going out on the Navy Patrol Boat on South China Sea. Drinking with the Korean Marines at the Korean Canteen. Overall I felt it was a very interesting experience.

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