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1 lt. > Captain Lew Watson Headquarters

196?- ?? yrs old
In 569th when: july 1966 - june 196

2002- ?? yrs old
From: Lincoln, AL
MOS: topo engr
What you did: exec and operations
ETS: Sept 1969
Living Now In: Lincoln AL
Maritial Status: STATUS
Present Work: real property appraiser
Birthdate: 1943
Phone: 205-763-7355 and 256-362-1800
Contact Email:

Memorable Vietnam Experiences and Friendships

I am glad to have found the site. it has been a long time since i last talked with anyone who was there. i left the 569 and went to the 69 Engr. co. (TOPO) in Germany. there were about 20 of the men there that had been in the 569th. from there went on the engr topo center near heidelberg. nha trang has a web site. the beach looks about like it did when we were there. one site has a 360 picture. looks a lot better now than back then. only one member that i recognize the name on the list you have posted, bob keefe. he was survey, and this was his first wo assignment. i was the first replacement officer to come on board from the original group that brought the company over. they landed in cam ranh bay and lost the photo truck within an hour or so of landing. thats why that truck was not there if you wondered why we did not have one.

2001: What You Are Doing Now What You Are Doing Now                 

Life after Vietnam: Your Life after Vietnam


Future Plans:
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so much to say, would like to talk with anyone over there back then.  

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