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Here are some large photos from - August 1967 - May 1969
NHA TRANG, The City and the People. THE TROOPS, of the 569th - Where They Lived, Worked, and Played
Our Thanks to: John Copeland

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Click Here to see how the Weather is in Nha Trang?
Hot and Muggy???... Now just what do you think? :-))

Vietnam and the Turbulent Times Dictionary and Gazetteer
How good is your memory? Those little Vietnamese words and slang phrases were at one time on the tip of your tongue... but now?

Links to 569th Engr. (Topo Corps) Memorabilia
Map of Nha Trang by 569th --
small (118k) | medium (311k) | large (681k)
Thanks to: John Copeland
Map of Camp McDermott by 569th --
small (72k)
Our Thanks to: John Copeland
Map of Roads in Nam by 569th --
small (42k) | medium (103k) | large (363k)
Our Thanks to: John Copeland
A 569th Short-timer's Calendar --
small (28k)| large (43k)
Our Thanks to: John Copeland
"The Finger" -- "Greetings from Vietnam" --
small (6k) | medium (13k) | large (41k)
Our Thanks to: John Copeland
"569th (Topo Corps) Emblem" --
small (14k) | medium (27k) | large (51k)
Our Thanks to: James Celovsky
Map of Nha Trang "Master Plan" --
large (81k)
Our Thanks to: James Celovsky
Tachimoto "569th Survey" --
small (29k) | medium (60k) | large (184k)
Our Thanks to: Bob Keefe

The "Sin Loi Times" -- I came across a page of the 864th Newsletter that I had saved because it mentioned my "extended" extension leave... Written by Robert Nealon (who would later join me, Tagner and Mahl, in our infamous "pot bust")
med (104k)

From: John Copeland
Here's More Copies of the Sin Loi Times
on the 864th Engineers Website
Our Thanks to: James Celovsky for the info

1 November 1968 | 15 November 1968
28 November 1968 | 15 December 1968
24 January 1969 | 7 February 1969
21 February 1969-1 | 21 February 1969-2
7 March 1969-1 | 7 March 1969-2
21 March 1969- | 4 April 1969-1 | 4 April 1969-2

569th "Topo Queen" Membership card -- some of you will surely remember wiping the rust off the tops of those old Miller cans, and listening to tunes while "shooting-it" with your buddies.... in our very own... but, alas... all too soon closed down 569th bar. It may have just been a quonset hut... but it was ours.
small (26k)
Our Thanks to: Butch and Brenda Nestor
A Poem by John J. Phillips Jr.
The poem is based on the picture of the soldiers on the other side of the "WALL" that is in DC. The Pic with the soldiers in the past touching the praying hands of the modern survivor. The poem is based on the family that prays for those that are lost, and can be called SEMPER FI because we, as survivors, are always praying for those in the past. We are always faithful.
Our Thanks to: John J. Phillips Jr.
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